Y24 RRD Barracuda 5´8 LTE

Alkuperäinen hinta oli: €899.00.Nykyinen hinta on: €350.00.



Designed, tested, and developed by Ralf Bachschuster. The Barracuda V3 was created to be used for strapped-in riding, but is also loved by many strapless riders. These phenomenal sticks are very fast, securely grip the water, and deliver an abundance of hold in the most extreme conditions. Classic smooth, surf feeling producing effortless carves on any waves
The third version of this power house has an entirely redesigned outline. Our goal was to take this radical shape and make it more well rounded for all to enjoy it’s high-end performance. The maximum width has been moved forward to allow more parallel lines towards the tail. The nose has been slightly widened to create a better balance and improved control and comfort.

”One board does it all”